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7Skyline, LLC supports energy infrastructure projects across multiple markets, including:

Electric Transmission

With more than 10 years of experience permitting major transmission lines for utilities and independent developers, 7Skyline staff can help you navigate the complex landscape of regional transmission planning, permitting, and design. 7Skyline can assist you with transmission projects of all sizes from developing Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Order 1000 (FERC 1000)  bids for regional projects to coordinating with local utilities for transmission interconnection for renewable projects.


Solar, Wind Energy, & Storage 

7Skyline can help you build your team to assess community solar opportunities and large-scale utility projects throughout North America including recommendations on generation inter-tie siting, electric transmission studies, coordination with local utilities, and federal, state and local permitting support. 


Offshore Energy Development

Offshore projects present unique challenges and opportunities. 7Skyline has supported multiple offshore projects, including permitting telecommunication cables, siting offshore electric transmission cables, supporting the US Navy on regional resource plans and overseas assessments, and planning offshore oil and gas facilities.


Oil & Gas Pipeline & Liquid Natural Gas Projects 

7Skyline staff have experience supporting FERC filings, permitting, stakeholder engagement, and specialized environmental field studies for multiple oil and gas development efforts from liquefied natural gas (LNG) siting projects on the Gulf Coast and West Coast to major western pipeline construction projects.


Contact us for for additional details on 7Skyline project experience in any of these energy market areas.

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