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7Skyline, LLC offers a wide range of energy development consulting services, including:

Renewable Energy & Electric Transmission Development Support

7Skyline supports developers with property suitability screenings, preliminary project siting, and feasibility studies through environmental review, permitting, regulatory compliance, and construction monitoring stages. 


Environmental Studies & Surveys

7Skyline’s multidisciplinary team provides paleontological, land use, and visual resources studies for infrastructure projects. Our team will consult with you to develop work plans for cost-effective studies tailored to your project needs from regional studies to detailed site screenings and land use plan conformity determinations for conditional use permits.


Due Diligence for Project Acquisition

Understanding permitting and technical risks attached to specific energy project opportunities is critical for successful project investment decision making. Our advisory services include technical and portfolio due diligence, site screening and feasibility studies, market analysis, independent environmental permitting reviews and assessments, and bid management services to help you make confident acquisition choices.

Strategic Advisory Services

The 7Skyline team works with company executives and board members to assess factors such as competitive positioning, market analysis and strategy, innovative energy technologies, changing regulations, and market drivers to assemble strategic plans for energy infrastructure development, portfolio management, and project investment decision.


Owner’s Representative Services for Energy Projects

If you are seeking a development partner or a large environmental or engineering consulting team for utility-scale energy infrastructure projects, 7Skyline can help you develop request for information (RFI) or request for proposal (RFP) solicitations and screen candidates so you can select the right partners. As part of a recent project, 7Skyline developed criteria for selecting a development partner that included corporate and financial qualifications, siting preferences and project sizing, and access to solar PV technologies in addition to customized benefits.



Contact us for more information about how we can support your project development needs.

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